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Wednesday، 19 January 2022
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The Impact of "IT" on sustainability of future work spaces

Mahnaz Mahmoudi(member of academic staff of Islamic azad university Qazvin branch)Architecture is an art that has been influenced by fundamental changes of human communities. The presence of computer is an important starting point in architectural area. With the rapid development of information technology (IT) and its penetration into all dimensions of human life, it is precisely anticipated that in the near future nothing of the current entrepreneurship would exist as exist in modern sense. There would not be such a firm constituted of a building and a number of employees any longer but the employees of any firm would settle its problems through an internet or internet exactly at home. Cyber that is made popular in public would, therefore, embrace all dimensions of life and in addition, the architecture of working space would accept the suffix "cyber" in the coming decade in countries where activities have been accomplished in the area of IT,
30% of construction has been diminished. IT, whether in the area of cyber (virtual) spaces design or that of transformation of real spaces plans, Contributes to the improvement of work spaces efficiency. Sustainable development in the range of socio-economic leads to the economic and time saving for accomplishment. Since the beginning of 3rd millennium, electronics play a substantial role in relation to working spaces. This paper illustrates how architecture is influenced by IT.

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