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Wednesday، 19 January 2022
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TIME AND URBANITY; Introduction to find relationship between views of time and unity in city

Hooman Foroughmand-Ar'abiThe concept of urbanity is closely related to history and humankind; mankind and history are inevitably time-dependant, and are only made possible through time. Time has always been a part of the intellective system, and people’s views concerning the role time plays within the nature of life have often differed. Due to several reasons though, urbanity has always had a special connection with time, and the prospect of time in general.
We have tried to elaborate the relationship between urban planning and the prospect of time by looking to the hidden Time view’s effect in form of human made environment; and in the course of doing so, based upon a holy (traditional) reflection, time has been portrayed as a divine matter. In order to accomplish this goal, we have taken to Persian literature, which represents an important part of the traditional Iranian culture. And comprehending the concept of “time” as a road to unity with the world and intimacy with the divine (which is in truth the heart and soul of holy art) seems to be a plausible way to do so. In this way, we find different procedures to achieve the matter at hand.

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