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Wednesday، 19 January 2022
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Interact Between Architecture, Energy and Teaching At Architectural Educational Centers

hadafi.jpgThe world of today is the era of interaction between various fields and specifications. In such a case, being specified in one field is not satisfied in professional community. So, in order to creating a building with proper quality, architect should have updated knowledge about technology and science... This increases the responsibilities of a person as an architect.

In ever-increasing world of science and information, universities are going to take fundamental roles at this hybrid process. There must be a kind of powerful relation among energy and architectural specifications, though, existences of some obstacles, which differ in each society, are barriers for approaching the aims.
Recognition of these obstacles and making solutions for them may increase the connection between energy and architecture and doubles the speed of progressive cycle…and, may desired cities so soon be built.
Mentioning some obstacle/solution parameters between architecture and energy at educational centers are the challenge concepts of universities, while it is not seems to have any attempts in our side.

What should be done is a question that needs the hand of supervisors and technical men of all fields… who would take hand and start?

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