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Wednesday، 19 January 2022
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Architecture and Education, What should be learnt?

Farzaneh HadafiArchitecture is the magnificent art which has unlimited connection with science and technology. It also has a hybrid relation with nature of society. In each era, architecture has played the main role representing ideas, thoughts and beliefs of people, mainly in substructures of cultural, social, economical, political and other fields, so architecture shows most of transitions of its own period.

Till 19 century the system of architectural education based upon teacher-student learning. Students worked with master in various types of buildings and gradually, during ages, they themselves placed as a master. Architect's learning - teaching was in simultaneous time, without any separation with each other. In this circle, architect performed the roles of both as a building engineer who solved all building constructional/environmental matters, and as a creator and generator of mass to raise a building.
Atelier system of education rose after renaissance in architecture (2 century after this revolution in social field). New thinks and thoughts affected architecture like other.
From this period, each field specified and architecture separated into creating and building. Now, there are lots of building engineering' fields and architect must lead all of them. This would happen if architect know about their roles in designing and construction process.

The process of creating a building interacts between mind, action and education in order to transfer subject to object. In this process education must show high lights of main paths and lead student get throughout them. But this would only be successive if education system has a bright description for this.
When we are talking about system of education, it's actually related to methods, tools, concepts, contents and substance of education, and the communication between subjects of education and real environment (society). Some architectural schools seeks theorical-conceptual part of architecture; others looks towars practical part focusing on technical and material part of it.
So, what's being thought in universities influences the student's future work environment and reflects into the society, indeed. Architect should know how to connect with client, how to be in team work, how to reflect its own ideas meanwhile satisfy the creation and construction, and so on. In most parts of activities, the most important duty of architecture is getting connected and having relationship with society.
These parameters, like others, are not mainly being thought in universities. There should be some considerations in nowadays education systems.

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