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Wednesday، 19 January 2022
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Creating a new way of life

Elham AlaviZadehIn 21st century architecture needs new ways of conceiving its relation with the natural environment, defining of new typologies, of observatories from which to widen our vision and put the physical environment in touch with culture. There have been different styles in architecture ,and all of them depended on conditions of each era, such as requirements, cultural and social situations, technology, human mind and way of thinking. Now, our design should show special characteristics of 21s century and it will be comprised of multiple components such as : How human thinks in this century, technical developments to have sustainable homes and communities, universal design that every one can use it.
Human mind and how he thinks ,effects all aspects of life. The idea we choose to start design should consider this item and attempt to adjust practice with it. Fore example in Middle Ages, because of religious thoughts, the most famous buildings were Gothic cathedrals and nowadays we can design portable houses fore people. The former is for God and the latter is for man. We need new models that are collaborative, holistic models that consider the ecology, social equity, cultural values and economic properties. We need a vision that affirms the possibility of developing healthy and creatively interactive relationship between the natural environment and human settlements.
This type of architecture requires new technical methods to be sustainable and promote the long-term health of nature and human culture, creating buildings that are livable, comfortable, safe and productive. What if we could design buildings that produce their own distil water, oxygen, solar energy and change with the seasons? What if buildings could interact, think, grow and change as we do over time? In this way we can design places that each user perceives his own space in them, like Nox museum where interior spaces change for each visitor.Flexible, durable and light materials, accrue solar energy, new methods of lighting and other developments help to design different from past and have energy conscious buildings with virtual spaces.
Architecture that is universal and every one can use it is required. Users can live comfortably and regardless of age, ability or situation. This helps us reach our full potential for good health and productivity, creating healthy buildings at every income level and helping children of all species to grow up to be healthy adults. In developing countries, a great number of people live in urban slums or in streets without shelter but in developed countries, we have urban sprawl and monster houses that consume huge amount of the total energy supply while polluting the atmosphere.
In this way ,it seems that globalization approach ,covers all of this titles and architecture is going to accept it as a main characteristic. We should define our way of globalization to have a compatible architecture for today and generate a system that achieves a balance to solve the problems of communities and build technical, sustaining and universal buildings and environments .Strategies of conservation, stewardship, regeneration, health and ethics should be applied to building both the home and the city.

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